Saturday, August 12, 2017

When Dej Disappeared (Update)

I haven't been able to see my brother Dej at all during the last week, not even his tag. I couldn't figure out what had happened or what was wrong.

Everyone else we asked saw him perfectly well, but not I. 
Dej in a screenshot when Mirco shares his screen on Skype
What I saw on my screen
With the help of Mirco and his friend Miro Collas, we finally figured out what it was and then I understood when, where and how I had messed. I feel like such a noob!

Tomais, Dej and I visited The Men's Department a week ago for some serious shopping. 

As always the place was full of eager shoppers, so I did what usually do in those laggy circumstances, with one fatal exception. I marked all the other shoppers and derendered them, but instead selecting to do so temporarily I selected permanently. 

So my poor beautiful, meshified, albeit much older brother ended up being blacklisted on my screen. It was a great relief to finally see his sweet face again.

Thanks for the help Mirco and Miro!
Update 8/13/2017
If you are using the Firestorm viewer my friend Anonymous has a nifty trick for you on how to derender all avatars at a busy event and then to render them again later with only two clicks.

I may have learned this once upon a time, but had since then managed to forget it. There is no better way to remember things than by repetition, especially if you are a forgetful and absentminded person like yours truly.

Second Pride - Call for Board Candidates (Updated)

The minutes of the Second Pride annual meeting on July 30, 2017, have been published on the Second Pride website. You will find the minutes in the right hand column.
Left to right, Tootsie Nootan, Viktor Sandman, Jak Calcutt & LLedge Eames
(Marge Beaumont wasn't able to attend) 
A quick summary of the reports from the board members would be that this years Second Pride festival was a huge success, with lots of visitors, wonderful venues and builds, few security issues and loads of donations.

The board thanked everyone and the board members were in turn all lauded by those in attendance for their good work for the community and the organization.

After setting aside funds for tier for the Second Pride sim for the coming year and some petty cash, there will be roughly US$1,000 for the board to donate to charity. The board is considering donations to either The Rainbow Railroad or The Human Rights Campaign Fund.

The biggest surprise was the news that the whole board is stepping down, every single one of them. All the positions will be open for the election of new candidates.

The election timetable is as follows (all dates are of course SLT).
  1. August 1 - September 3, 2017 - The Second Pride Festival group is closed for new members until the end of the election.
  2. August 7-20, 2017 Call for candidates.
  3. August 20-26, 2017 Question & answers period 
  4. August 27 - September 2, 2017 Elections
The election committee will be headed by LLedge Eames as the outgoing chair.
Those considering submitting their candidacies will find a Board Candidate Submission Form (here).

Please take the time to consider how you - or perhaps a friend - could serve the LGBT+ community in SecondLife and send in your Candidacy.

UPDATE 8/13/2017
Lee MacKay, the current webmaster for the Second Pride website, in a comment on Google+, informs me: "It's also very important to note that anyone wishing to participate in the Q&A portion of the election process MUST create an account on the website to do so. The Q&A will take the form of comments beneath each candidate's statement, and a working, verified login is required to post or reply. This applies to the candidates as well, of course. - SP Webmaster"

Arghh Binge Delayed

When I order something on the Internet I want only two notifications, no more and no less.
  1. A message that my order has been received
  2. A message telling me when and where my order can be picked up.
Well, as it turns out the notification I received yesterday, was not that I could pick up my order, but that my order had now been shipped from the seller.

Who the fuck needs to know things like this?

I am certain the seller has some kind of amazing "Excellent Service Policy Manual" that they have paid half a fortune for that tells them to do this to keep the customers satisfied by keeping them appraised of the delivery at every stage along the way, but I most certainly am not interested.

The end result of this is that my binge watching of Downton Abbey has been delayed. *deep sigh*

Friday, August 11, 2017

Binge Watching Weekend

Today I was notified that my order of the complete series disc box of "Downton Abbey", the historical period drama television series created by Julian Fellowes and co-produced by Carnival Films and Masterpiece, arrives tomorrow.

I am going to do some serious binge watching this weekend after I pick it up! 

Don't tell me anything about it, because I haven't seen any of it yet. I don't know how I managed to avoid it, but I did.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Oh What An Amazing Tattoo!

South African reality star Brandon Myers, of the British show "Ex On the Beach", is garnishing a bit of attention on his Instagram and Twitter accounts for his showing his amazing thigh tattoo, even if the tattoo isn't quite finished yet.

I am sure you will all agree it is truly awesome.

And let me tell you straight away, that those of you who ask "What tattoo?" are, without a doubt, real sluts of the absolutely sluttiest kind!

Brandon's favorite emoji is the aubergine ­čŹć, would you care to guess why?