Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sponsored Event: The Sunday Tea Dance

Poster by Kahvy Smith

Second Pride Festival, Sunday June 25

Poster by Kahvy Smith
Another day loaded with events. I would like to direct your attention especially towards two events.

Firstly there is The Apple Fall Party at 10 AM SLT with DJ Kess and host Divos. The press release from Second Pride promises that there will be giveaways and also hints at the possibility that Apple Fall himself may attend.

As the amazing Apple Falls indubitably biggest fan in SecondLife I am going to make certain to be there for the chance to meet him close up and to get some of his freebies.

Secondly there is the Sunday Tea Dance with DJ McKay and host Garrett at 12 PM. This event is sponsored by Bock in SecondLife. I hope you will enjoy it! (If you don't have a Flat Bock 2017 already, I am certainly going to give them out sometime during this event...)

Take me to the Second Pride Festival sim! (SLurl).

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sponsored Event: The McMillan Ball

Poster by Kahvy Smith
Tonight's the night, you have waited for a whole year. It's time again for The McMillan Ball, a formal dance at Second Pride. Tartan's are highly encouraged for this event.

Ballroom dancing until your feet fall off to music by DJ Kahvy Smith and charming hosting by Garrett Smith.

This event is sponsored by Bock in SecondLife.

Second Pride Festival, Saturday June 24

Poster by Kahvy Smith